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Chapter 6: Seeing without Thinking

I want you to know lust and to know anger. You are not to fight with them nor are you to follow them blindly. You should become aware. You should observe them and become well-acquainted with them in all their forms and with all their mechanical processes.

Have you ever noticed that anger disappears when you watch it? But you immediately begin to indulge it or to suppress it. In either case, you fail to watch it. It remains unseen and unknown. This is where we make the mistake, and both indulgence and suppression support this error.

Apart from these two, there is a third alternative as well. And that is what I would like to suggest to you. It is to see, to observe your tendencies, your desires. Not to do anything with them, simply to watch them. Once they are under your watchfulness you will find they start dispersing and disappearing. They cannot stand being observed. Their existence is only possible in a state of unconsciousness. Under watchful consciousness they become lifeless and die. Our unconsciousness, our non-observation of them is their life. They are like insects who live only in darkness. As soon as there is light they die away.