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Chapter 2: Only One Exists

A real master helps without helping. Try to see the point - a real master helps without helping. His help is very indirect, he never comes immediately to help you. He comes in very subtle ways. He surrounds you like a very fragile breeze, not like a strong wind. He surrounds you like an aura, invisible. He helps you, certainly, but never against you. He helps you only as far as you are ready to go, never a step more. He never pushes you violently, because anything done violently will be lost sooner or later.

That which you have not grown of your own accord you will lose. You cannot possess that which you have not grown in your being of your own accord. You become the possessor only of your own growth. I can even give you the truth, and you will throw it, because you will not recognize it. I can force you awake, but you will fall asleep the moment I am gone, and you will curse me and you will be angry at me, because you were still enjoying your dreams. You were enjoying sweet dreams, and here comes a man and wakes you up.

Sometimes you have observed it yourself. You have to catch a train early - five o’clock or four o’clock in the morning - and you tell somebody to wake you up at four o’clock, and he does. And you are angry! And you don’t like the idea at all, and it is your idea. And you feel as if he is your enemy.

I have heard about Immanuel Kant, one German philosopher, that he was very addicted to time. He almost moved like the hand of a clock, exactly on time, everything - not a minute here, not a minute there. Early, five o’clock in the morning, he used to get up his whole life. He had a servant; the servant had to drag him out of his bed, sometimes even beat him - he had given that much power to the servant. He told him, “Even if you have to beat me, you beat! And I will give you a good fight, but you have to wake me! Don’t listen to what I say early in the morning. I will scold you and shout at you, and I will threaten you that I will fire you today, but you don’t bother. Whatsoever I say, you go on listening, but you drag me out.”

He became so much dependent on this servant, that the servant almost became the master and the master became the servant. Sometimes the servant would leave him. He tried to find many servants but nobody would suit, because how to beat your master early at five o’clock? Even if says, “Beat me!” the servant would be afraid. The old servant had to be brought again and again.

But how does it happen? You may be enjoying a good, cozy dream; it is cold, and it is so cozy and warm under the blanket. Yes, you had decided before that you would get up, but now.? You feel like turning again and falling into sleep.

Nobody can be awakened before his time, and should not be.

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