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Chapter 3: Two States of Consciousness

Those gone mad in love,
All life is transformed for them.
Sahajo says: They don’t see
Who is a beggar or a king.

Those gone mad in love,
Caste and color have disappeared for them.
Sahajo says: The world calls them crazy,
And everyone near runs off.

Those gone mad in love,
Sahajo says: Their bodies waver
And their feet stagger out of control -
Then the divine takes care.

The mind is blissful,
The body is drunk with ecstasy.
Sahajo is with no one,
No one is with Sahajo.

There are only two states of consciousness: one is love and the other is the absence of love. Or, if you like, call them the state of awakening and the state of sleeping, or call them the state of religiousness and the state of irreligiousness. It makes no difference what words you call them.

Consciousness can be of two forms. What you call “the world” is the state of consciousness without love. When existence is looked at without love it appears as the world. When your eyes are full of love then that which has appeared as the world until now, suddenly, in a moment, becomes the divine. The world is not a reality, but try to understand that God also is not a reality; they are just the two ways of looking at existence. The world is the experience of eyes without love, the divine is the experience of eyes full of love.

The question is not of what is observed, the question is of the way it is observed. What you see is not valuable but how you see, because the way you see determines your existence. If you cannot see the divine then don’t think that the divine is not there, only be aware that there is no love in your eyes. If the world and only the world is apparent to you, then don’t think that this is all there is. Understand that your eyes are without love, they are empty of love. When your eyes are empty of love then whatever comes in your experience is an illusion, it is false - because to know the truth there is no way except through love.

It is as if someone is playing the veena and you try to listen with your eyes - nothing will be heard. Your eyes are not the means for hearing, you cannot listen through your eyes. The veena is being played, the music is resounding but you will not hear it because you have not used the medium that could make the connection. Music has to be listened to, it cannot be seen. A deaf man can sit and observe the fingers of the musician playing on the strings but the magic happening between the strings and the fingers will not be heard by him. There is no way to listen with the eyes.

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