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Chapter 8: Aha!

“It is not two.”

“It is neither this nor that.”

Just one thing has been left, which I am trying:

It is that neither are you an observer nor is there an observed. A pure oceanic vastness, an utter silence which cannot be reduced into language in any way..

But the mind is more cunning than you understand it to be. I will read your question to show you how the mind brings everything from the back door. “A few weeks ago I was awake.” You were there, and you were also experiencing that you were awake. The observer was there, the observed was there. The duality was perfectly following you.

“.and suddenly saw there was only talking.” Still the duality - who saw the talking? You were still there, listening to the talking. Because you were listening, you thought there was only talking, but the talking cannot exist without a listener. This is something to be understood.

The moment you leave your room and lock it, do you think your clothes in the room continue to remain the same color? The white remains white, the blue remains blue, the green remains green? You are wrong. The moment you are out of the room and there is nobody to see, colors disappear. For a color to exist, the eyes are absolutely necessary. Who is going to see the color? Ordinarily we don’t think so - that the moment you leave your room everything changes - but the fact is scientific, that every color disappears with you. And the moment you look through the keyhole they all come back! It looks strange, but the whole of life is such.

You stand and look at the sun. There is light, tremendous beauty. But close your eyes: for you, the sun is no more a light, and it creates no more colors. For you, all flowers lose their colorfulness.

It is not a new question. For almost five thousand years in India the philosophers have discussed it, and the discussion still continues even in this century. One British philosopher, Bradley, and his colleague, Bosanquet, insisted that if a man is deaf no sounds exist for him, and if all people become deaf there will be no sounds. If all people become blind there will be no colors, no flowers, no rainbows, no stars. It looks very illogical, because the flower has its own color.It does not have.

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