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Chapter 18: Catharsis and Meditation: Steps on The Path

Then, after thirty minutes, when I feel that you have released your madness and your energy is moving, suddenly I will say “Stop!” Then you have to stop completely, as you are. Don’t move, don’t do anything. If your hand is raised, if you are in a dancing posture or jumping when you hear me calling you to stop, stop then and there. The moment you hear it, feel as if you are no longer: you have become just a stone, a statue. Someone will be standing, someone else will be sitting, someone else will be lying down. Don’t move, don’t cry. No noise, no movement. Suddenly it is to be as if everyone has become dead. Even if you fall. If you are standing and your posture is such that you cannot stand that way, don’t make any adjustment, just let the body fall. But don’t help it to fall. Don’t make any adjustment, don’t change your posture.

It is essential that this stopping be deeply understood, because you can deceive yourself. If your posture is awkward, or you feel it is troublesome, inconvenient, your mind can deceive you. Because I am not there, you think that you can change your posture a little and be comfortable. Then you have missed the point.

Don’t do anything. The moment I say “Stop!” stop all movements. What will happen? - in this sudden stop, you will be thrown to the center. Just a moment before, you were moving as a cyclone, in mad activity. Suddenly I say “Stop!” Everything stops. You are thrown to the center, you immediately become the observer. If you do anything at all, you will miss the moment.

Don’t do anything. A single movement and you can miss the whole point. So when you hear me calling you to stop, stop - whatsoever happens! Your body may fall down, let it fall. But don’t help it. Consciously, you are not to do anything.

For ten minutes you will remain in this stone-like state. Those ten minutes will be a new experience. You will enter a new space within: something which is beyond you, you have never known it. And even a glimpse will fill you with bliss. For these ten minutes - in this stone-like, dead state - you will be really alive for the first time. You will become an observer, a witness of your own body.

This witnessing is meditation. In this witnessing you will feel light filling you, bliss entering you and a divine presence everywhere: all around, within, without. But you are just to be a witness of everything: of the light, of bliss, of divine presence - just a witness.

This is going to be in the morning meditation. Then, remain a witness for the whole day. Remain a witness the whole day. Remain more and more silent, witnessing yourself. If you feel like screaming, jumping, dancing during the day, you can do it alone. And if someone else is doing it, don’t pay any attention to him, let him do it. But don’t disturb others. Don’t talk much, don’t judge. For the eight days of the camp, cancel all judging attitudes. Someone may go naked - you are not to judge. Remember only one thing: that whatsoever you are doing, do it only with yourself. Don’t touch anybody’s body and don’t be concerned with anyone else.

In the morning meditation, if you feel that it would be good for you to go nude, you are allowed. Even in the middle of the meditation, if you feel that clothes are hindering you, you can throw them off - but only in the morning meditation, not in other meditations. And you can be nude in the morning meditation but not at any other time during the day.

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