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Chapter 10: Just a Small Coin

A man who lives true to his needs will live here and now; he has no tomorrow. But look, the bigger the need for desires, the bigger the ambition, the bigger the future you will need. But worldly people don’t really need a big future because their desires, howsoever big, can be fulfilled in one lifetime. If you need a Rolls Royce, you feel you need it, okay - you put your life at stake and you will get a Rolls Royce. If you want to be a president you can, because people just as stupid as you have already become presidents. You are not lacking anything. You can also become one, there is not much of a problem about it; you need to go a little madly after it, that’s all. One only has to go madly after something, and he will attain. Others have attained, you can attain.

If you have not attained, that means only that you are not so stupid and so mad. A desire comes but it is a vagrant desire. You are not ready to stake your whole life for it. A dream comes, but it is a very superficial dream. If somebody makes you a president you will become one, but you are not going to stake your whole life for it.

One day I saw Mulla Nasruddin on the road, smoking. I was surprised. I asked him, “Nasruddin, just the other day you told me that you have stopped smoking.”

He said, “Yes, I have stopped purchasing cigarettes, but if somebody offers me one, it’s okay.” He said, “One has to go by and by, in steps. I have stopped purchasing - that is my first step towards no smoking - but if somebody offers me one, it’s okay. Later on I am going to drop that also.”

If you have not become a president of a country or a prime minister, you have just a superficial dream about it, that’s all. If you become obsessed by it, nobody can prevent you. You have to be mad. An ambitious man is mad, crazy! - obsessed by one idea. Unless that idea is fulfilled he himself is not going to rest, and he is not going to allow anybody else to rest.

Worldly desires can be fulfilled in a mere lifetime, but what about moksha? What about God? What about nirvana, enlightenment? A mere one life seems to be not enough. There are so many things to do, and for nirvana there seems to be no time.

If you live for seventy years.. Life has an inner pattern, it is good to understand it. Every seven years, physiologists say, the body and mind go through a crisis and a change. Every seven years all the cells of the body change, are completely renewed. In fact, if you live seventy years, the average limit, your body dies ten times. Each seventh year everything changes. It is just like changing seasons. In seventy years the circle is complete. The line that moves from birth comes to death. The circle is complete in seventy years. It has ten divisions.

In fact man’s life should not be divided into childhood, youth, old age - that is not very scientific, because every seven years a new age, a new step is taken.

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