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Chapter 7: Devotion Has No Cause

Your pretension cannot last long. How long can it last? Pretension will soon be discovered although people may not say it to you, because it seems a little unmannerly to say to you that you are pretending. And it looks unmannerly to them because they are doing the same. That’s why there is a compromise, it is a mutual conspiracy, a mutual bargain: “Neither should you expose me nor will I expose you.” The world goes on like this. You are trying to show that you are a great knower and I am trying to show that I am a great renunciate - we both have to take care of each other. If you create some trouble for me then I can also create some trouble for you. This is the way the world goes on. But everyone knows that a show is just a show. Howsoever you may try to pretend, you cannot deceive others.

And the other thing to understand is that in one who hides it within himself, it cannot remain hidden. He can hide it from his side but it becomes obvious. It is just like when a woman becomes pregnant - can she hide it? Her movements change, her face changes, her eyes change. An ordinary woman is an ordinary woman and a mother, a pregnant woman, is a different phenomenon. A revolution has happened, a new life has entered in her. Her splendor is great. The beauty in a pregnant woman is not there in an ordinary woman because now not only one soul but two souls are shining from one body. It is as if two candles are burning in one house and the light is more intense - you cannot hide it. When the divine’s alchemist stone is within you and you are carrying the divine in your womb, then how can you hide it? Even a child in the womb cannot be hidden.

Sahajo is saying, “Hide it.” I say you cannot hide it. Nobody has ever been able to hide it. The blind will start to see it, the deaf will start to hear the music of the ultimate within you. Even people who cannot smell anything, their noses will be filled with the fragrance of the ultimate within you.

Godliness is a very obvious phenomenon. Yes, if you try to hide it it becomes visible, and if you want to show it you do not have it at all. It will soon be exposed to be only a show. Leave it to God and hide it from your side. And if it becomes visible, then what can you do? If it is visible, it is visible. Otherwise how can you recognize a Buddha? Otherwise how will Sahajo sing her songs? Otherwise how will you recognize Farid? It would be impossible.

Whenever the experience of godliness has happened to someone in this world, they have tried hard to hide it but all their efforts fail. The godliness within them is recognized. And those who have not known, even if they try hard to show it, there is nothing to show. In their efforts to show it they expose only their stupidity. Their efforts to show it only exposes their lie. By showing it, only their total emptiness is felt by people.

Enough for today..