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Chapter 41: Distributing Health

In Newsweek I read a joke within an article on so-called quick-fix therapy:

A middle-aged man had been the despair of his family for years because of his compulsive habit of tearing paper to bits and scattering the pieces all over the ground wherever he went. His family dragged him to famous Freudians, Jungians, and Adlerians at great expense but with frustrating results. Trying to shed light into the dismal abyss of his unconscious, where the habit must have its home, failed.
Finally his relatives took him to an obscure but innovative new psychotherapist. This magician took a little walk with his new patient up and down his office, whispering something in his ear. Then he declared to the surprised family, “You can take him home; he’s cured.”
A year later the habit hadn’t returned and the grateful family asked the doctor what he had told his patient. He said, shrugging his shoulders, “Don’t tear paper.”

Osho, this reminds me so much of what I once heard you say: “There are two things in existence which are infinite: one is the patience and love of the master and the other is the stupidity of the disciple.” For years you have been whispering in our ears your simple yet so powerful and transformative message. I feel stupid, but I simply try to wait silently and try not to tear up more paper.

The secrets of life are very simple, but the mind tries to make them complex.

Mind loves complexity, for the simple reason that mind is needed only if there is something complex. If there is nothing complex, the very necessity for mind’s existence disappears.

Mind does not want to leave his mastery over you. Although he is only a servant.but he has managed to become the master and things have become upside down in your life.

The joke simply indicates a very obvious fact. The man was tearing up bits of paper and throwing them all over. Naturally everybody thought something has gone wrong: he needs psychoanalysis, he needs some great person who understands the ways of the mind so that he can be fixed up. Nobody even bothered to tell him, “Don’t do this.”

It was so obvious that the man was getting insane, so they went to the Freudians, to the Adlerians, to the Jungians, to great psychoanalysts. And all those psychoanalysts must have worked hard, for hours, for years, in analyzing the dreams of the man to find out why he tears up bits of paper and throws them all over the place. But nobody succeeded. And as a last resort they took him to a magician, and he cured the man.

But Newsweek is a snobbish magazine, so the joke is not complete. That’s why you don’t see what is so great about the joke.

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