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Chapter 14: Clarity

He said, “What?”

I said, “You should have been born in Germany, and you would have been known in history as a great philosopher. I have studied all those great German philosophers; they are all nutcases!”

One man who was thought to be one of the greatest German philosophers of this century, Martin Heidegger, started many books, but he never completed any because by the time he was half-way, he had forgotten what he had written. So the first volume would be published, and people would be waiting for the second volume; it never came.

This went on happening his whole life; he never completed any book. When asked, he said, “The reality is, I myself forget what I have been writing. It is so complicated that it is better to start a new book rather than to read the old one. Let others read.I don’t want to get involved in it.” It will be a great entertainment to you if you read something of Martin Heidegger.

And this shows his great “intelligence”: he was a follower of Adolf Hitler, who was certainly a madman! The greatest philosopher follows an idiot.it does not show anything about Adolf Hitler, but it shows something about Martin Heidegger! I have gone through all his works. In the end your hands are empty. You don’t get anything of what he wants to say, why he wants to say it. Why all this long process of gymnastics without any conclusion? But these people have been impressing the common masses.

My understanding is that whatever people cannot understand they think must be great. Because we cannot understand, naturally it has to be something very miraculous, very mysterious. But the truth is always simple: it is mysterious because it is simple.

The truth is always obvious.

It is miraculous because it is obvious, not because it is complex, not because it is far away. It is so close that you tend to forget it. It is within you, so you don’t even bother to look at it.

Truth is simple, obvious, uncomplicated. All that it needs is just a silent awareness, and a great understanding descends on you, an understanding that does not become knowledge, an understanding that deepens your innocence and that deepens the mystery of life.