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Chapter 3: Don’t Wobble

Why do we go to such pains to avoid the obvious?

Maneesha, the mind is interested only in the difficult. The obvious is not difficult. The mind is interested to go to Everest, it can go to the moon, it is trying to reach to the further stars and planets. The mind enjoys conquering, and you can conquer only that which is difficult. The obvious has no appeal for the mind. On the contrary, the obvious is the danger; it is the death of the mind and its desires and longings.

You are the obvious. That’s why mind never looks inward. It is so simple, it is already there - what is the need? First become the world’s greatest celebrity, become famous, become powerful. As far as your own self is concerned, it is already there, you don’t have to conquer it. And mind is a conqueror; its whole joy is in victory.

But being yourself is not a victory. You have always been yourself. Knowingly or unknowingly, your buddhahood is your essential existence. Mind will never become interested in going inward, because there awaits its death. There is no function for it, there is nobody to conquer - just a pure space, a silence.

Mind, in fact, tries to avoid the obvious. It goes as far away as possible, so that the obvious cannot destroy it. It will think about God - you cannot go farther away than God - it will think about heaven and hell, and it will not for a single moment stop in silence to see, “Who am I?”

And miraculously, it is by entering into your isness that you enter into the very mystery and the poetry and the music and the dance of existence. It is not dry land, it is lush green; it is full of fragrance, a beauty incomparable, a truth which is the highest possible experience for consciousness. But it is all very obvious.

Here we are trying in every way to somehow get rid of the mind, so we can see the obvious which the mind is avoiding.

[A long silence.]

The cuckoo has come.

This series is dedicated to the solitary cuckoo. The bamboos are very silent; in this silence a few laughs will help you to become more childlike, non-serious, relaxed. There is nothing else like laughter to take away your seriousness, which is sitting hard, heavy on your hearts. Before you enter into yourself, a few laughs are just essential showers.

Clarence and Lulu, two Oregon rednecks, are sitting on their front porch in Fossil, watching the sunset.

Lulu sighs, takes Clarence by the hand and says “Darling, say something soft and mushy.”

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