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Chapter 4: Buddhas Don’t Practice Nonsense

It seems he has not written.he has forgotten, or he has not understood the answer given by Bodhidharma, because the question is there, but the answer is not there. The answer must have been: Because you are it, so you cannot see it.

You can see everything in the world except yourself. Obviously I can catch with my hand everything in the world except my hand itself. I can see with my eyes everything in the world except my own eyes.

No-mind is my nature.

I can feel it, I can live it, I can relish it, I can sing it, I can dance it, but I cannot see it. Because I am it. Something like this must have been the answer but it is not recorded.

And Bodhidharma must have tried hard so that the disciple could understand the distinction. He asks him:

Do you ever dream?

Of course.

When you dream, is that you?

But still the disciple does not get it. He answers:

Yes, it’s me.

And this goes against the whole philosophy of Bodhidharma and Gautam Buddha and all those who have ever become awakened. The answer should be, “No, it is not me.” Because how can I be the dreams? The dreams float in front of me. I see them. Because I see them, obviously I am not them. I am the seer and they are the seen. I am the knower and they are the known. They are objects, I am the subject. Hence the right answer should be, not “Yes, it is me,” but “No, it is not me.”

And is what you’re doing and saying different from you?

Again the same fallacy; the answer given is:

No, it isn’t.

It is not different from me - any doing or saying.. But it is so simple; particularly for you it must be so simple. Walking, you can see that it is an action of your body, but you are not it. You are not walking; your consciousness inside is exactly where it has always been. Whether you stand still or walk, it is always the same. The real answer will be, “Yes, it is different. It is not me. My action cannot be me, my doing cannot be me. I am always the watcher behind; I am always the witness beyond.”