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Chapter 1: Discontent Is Divine

He said, “That I know! But,” he said, “five lakhs is too much.” He started bargaining: nothing had happened yet, but he was so disturbed! He started bargaining, “Five lakhs is too much, and I am a poor doctor, and you know how difficult it is and what great competition there is - twenty doctors in this small town and I am the poorest. You are demanding five lakh rupees! Make it one lakh.”

I said, “Okay, so it is agreed: one lakh I will get for the library, nine lakhs you get.”

He said, “Yes.” But he said yes in such a sad way: “One lakh rupees, going just like that!”

Twelve o’clock in the night he knocked on my door. It was summer and I was sleeping on the terrace so I asked from the terrace, “What is the matter? Who is there?”

He said, “I am your friend. I could not sleep, I had to come. One lakh is too much! This time just fifty thousand. Next month we will join forces again and then I will give one lakh.”

I said, “Okay - because I don’t want to disturb my sleep. Go away. Fifty thousand is okay, but now don’t change it!”

Next morning he changed it. He said, “You know my situation. This time, let me keep the whole amount. Next month, whatsoever you say I will give to the library.”

I said, “Then I withdraw my hand. Then you do it on your own.”

The month passed. Nothing happened. He came to me and he was crying, just tears. And he said, “I am such a fool! I should have agreed with you. You were only asking fifty thousand rupees, but I did not agree. This month I am going to agree.”

I said, “But now I am not going to do this business at all, because I know it will happen again the same way - great bargaining, and your nights will be disturbed and you will disturb my sleep. Do it on your own.”

People even start living in imagination. Watch yourself. Desire keeps you occupied in the nonexistential and goes on destroying that which is present. And the present is the only life. Now and here is the only life.

Live it in totality, live it with your whole being. Put your mind aside and jump into the now with no-mind. And all the blessings of existence will shower on you.

Enough for today.