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Chapter 17: Buddhas Are Trying to Be Buddhas

Much is happening. You have just to become accustomed to such moments. No harm is going to happen to you. You are doing all the harm that you can do. You will not be wounded; on the contrary, all your wounds will become roses. You will not die; on the contrary, you will enter into the life stream of eternal being. It is a tremendous opportunity, the doors are open. Don’t hesitate.

There is a Sufi story.. There have been not more than five or six enlightened women because women have been engaged in forcing the men to become enlightened. They completely forgot that they have also to become enlightened. But out of those five or six women, one of the most beautiful is Rabiya al-Adabiya, a Sufi woman. She was very courageous, of the quality of Bodhidharma - almost dangerously ferocious for those who used to come to her as disciples.

For the master it is a question of urgency. For you, you can postpone.tomorrow, the day after tomorrow, what is the hurry? But for the master it is a question of absolute urgency, because this is his last life. He will not be coming back again. Once you have become enlightened, you start losing grip of the body; slowly, slowly all ties with the body are broken. You will be here in the trees, in the sun rays, in the ocean waves, in the stars, but not as an entity.unlimited, you will become oceanic.

The master is in a hurry because nobody knows, tomorrow the master may have to leave the body. All attachment with the body which was keeping it alive is gone, and there is not going to be another life. For you there are many lives ahead, you can go on postponing.

A seeker who finally became a master in his own right was Hassan. He used to sit before the mosque and pray for hours, and the prayer was always the same. The prayer was, “God, open your doors. I have been waiting long and I have been praying long. Open the doors so I can enter you and dissolve into you.” The whole city was aware: “This man is a little crazy. Mohammedans do prayer five times a day, but this man seems to be doing prayer almost the whole day. And the prayer is not much, just, ‘Open the door.’”

One day Rabiya was passing, and she hit on Hassan’s head. She said, “You idiot! The door is open but you are so engaged in your prayer that you cannot see it. Stop praying and enter, the door is open!”

The hit.. A silent moment.. He looked, and certainly the door was open. The same mystic became a great master. He used to tell this story again and again, saying, “A single hit from Rabiya brought me home. But my God, that woman is really strong! She stopped my mind, my prayer and then I laughed and thanked her, ‘Your grace is great, your compassion is great, because thousands of people pass here, but nobody says to me that the door is open.’”

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