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Chapter 5: Meditation: The Method of Great Liberation

you are moving in the oceanic reality.

You are no more.

The door was your boundary - you have gone beyond it.

These are the most blissful moments of your life..

This is your buddhahood.

To make it more clear, Nivedano.


Relax, leave the body aside, the mind aside.

and you stand just aloof.

a watcher, just a witness.

This is the heart of the buddha.

This is his great contribution to humanity -

that just by watching, witnessing,

you can enter into the eternal.

Drink as much as you can

from your original source.

It will refresh you, it will resurrect you,

it will give you a new character.

And without any effort

you will find yourself changing every day.

Your whole life will become a dance, a song.



Come back, but bring with you the fragrance, the silence,

the beautitude that you are experiencing.

Sit down for a few moments just reminding yourself

that you are the buddha,

that eternity is yours,

that you are beyond life and death,

that you are part of this immense universe

which is always here.

Can we celebrate the gathering of the ten thousand buddhas?