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Chapter 5: Join the Carnival of Love

So when a Hindu goes into the Hindu temple, he sees something which a Mohammedan cannot see. The Mohammedan can only see a stone statue. The Hindu sees something which nobody else can see; it is his teddy bear. It is objectively there, but not totally objective. Much subjectivity of the worshiper is projected on it; it functions as a screen.

You go to a Jaina temple. You may be a Hindu, but in a Jaina temple you will not feel any reverence arising in you. Sometimes you may even feel a little offended, because Mahavira, his statue, is nude, naked. You may feel a little offended. You may like to go out as soon as possible; you may not feel any respect. But then there comes a Jaina with tremendous respect; it is his teddy bear, and he feels very protected. So whenever you are in fear, you start remembering God. Your God is a by-product of your fear. When you are feeling good, unafraid, you don’t bother. There is no need.

The second type of religion is fear oriented. It is very ill. It is almost neurotic - because maturity only comes to you when you realize that you are alone, and you have to be alone, and you have to face the reality as it is. These transitory teddy bears are just of your imagination; they are not going to help.

If something is going to happen, it is going to happen; the teddy bear cannot protect you. If death is going to happen, it is going to happen. You go on calling to God, but protection cannot come to you. You are calling nobody, you are simply calling out of fear.

Maybe calling loudly gives you a certain courage. Maybe praying.prayer gives you a certain courage, but there is no God to respond to it. There is nobody who is going to respond to your prayer. But if you have an idea that somebody is there to respond to your prayer, you may feel a little relieved, relaxed.

Once I saw Mulla Nasruddin praying very devoutly. When he had finished his namaj, I asked him: “Mulla, there must be some problem, you were praying so deeply. Please answer my one question: are your prayers ever answered?”

He said, “Yes, one way or the other.”

But if the prayer is answered one way or the other, what is the point of it? Yes, sometimes it coincides with the facts, sometimes it does not coincide with the facts, but your prayer makes no difference to the facts. It may make a little difference in your mind, but it makes no difference in reality.

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