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Chapter 1: Truth Is the Greatest Offender

Their behavior should not be taken into account at all. They are absolutely asleep. We are trying something which goes against their sleep, and naturally they feel disturbed and react. This is absolutely acceptable. But how long can they react? It is a question of a great challenge.

Losing hope means you have lost the game. I am not going to lose the game. To my very last breath I will go on doing the same, whatever their reaction. It is only by bringing their reaction to the surface that there is a possibility of change. It will take time, because millions of years have taken them away from themselves. You should have patience with them. They need your compassion, they need your patience.

They will come home, they want to come home, but it goes against their ego to recognize that they are not at home already. It goes against their ego to recognize that they are false, that they are phony.

But their reaction - their throwing stones at me, or throwing knives at me, or putting me in jails, or crucifying me - is going to change them. This is the only way that they will start thinking about what they are doing and why they feel offended. You feel offended only when something truthful is told about you, something which you have been hiding. You are never offended by lies. Truth is the greatest offender.

Their very disturbance, their fear that I will destroy their morality, I will destroy their religion, I will destroy their tradition, shows one thing: they don’t have religion, they don’t have morality, they don’t have any tradition. They are managing to believe that they have, but it is only a belief which can be easily destroyed; otherwise what happened in Greece?

I was just a tourist for four weeks in a country thousands of years old. The Greek Orthodox Church is the oldest church in the world - the Vatican is not that old. Jesus and his sayings were first translated into Greek; that’s why he became “Christ” and his followers became “Christians.” These are Greek words.

Now, this country - which for two thousand years has been perpetually propagating Christianity, teaching every child a conditioning - is afraid of a tourist who is going to be there for only four weeks. The archbishop was disturbed so much that he threatened that my house would be burned, that I would be stoned if I was not removed immediately from the country because my presence would destroy the morality of the country, it would destroy the religion of the country, the family, the church, the tradition - just in four weeks!

If I can manage to do that in four weeks, then whatever I am destroying deserves to be destroyed. It simply means that it is phony. People are not really in it - they are just pretending. Only pretensions can be destroyed in four weeks; realities cannot be destroyed. But the archbishop of the oldest church of Christianity is so much afraid, and he goes on saying things which are absolute lies. But that’s what I have been telling you again and again - that all your religions are based on lies and hence they are afraid.

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