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Chapter 5: The Meeting of Sun and Moon

By performing samyama
on the light under the crown of the head
comes the ability to contact all perfected beings.

Through pratibha, intuition, knowledge of everything.

Performing samyama on the heart
brings awareness of the nature of mind.

Man is evolution. Not only that man is evolving, he is the very vehicle of evolution itself, he is evolution - a tremendous responsibility, and something to be delighted about also, because that’s the glory of man. Matter is the beginning, God the end. Matter is the alpha point, God the omega point. Man is the bridge: matter passes through man and is transformed into God. God is not a thing and God is not waiting somewhere. God is evolving through you; God is becoming through you. You are transforming matter into God. You are the greatest experiment that reality has made. Think of the glory of it, and think of the responsibility also.

Much depends on man, but if you think that you are already there because you have the form of man, then you will be misguided by your mind. You only have the form; you are only a possibility. The real is going to happen, and you have to allow it to happen. You have to open toward it.

That’s what yoga is all about: how to help you to move upward toward the omega point where your whole energy is released, transformed, the whole of matter is transmuted into divinity. Yoga has mapped the whole journey, the whole pilgrimage of man; from sex to samadhi, from the lowest center, muladhar, to the highest center, the very peak, the pinnacle of evolution, the sahasrar.

These things have to be understood before we can enter into the sutras of today. Yoga divides man into seven layers, seven steps, seven centers. The first is muladhar, the sex center, the sun center, and the last, the seventh, is the sahasrar, the God center - the omega point.

The sex center is intrinsically moving downward. It is your connection with matter, what yoga calls prakriti - nature. The sex center is your relation with nature, the world that you have left behind, the past. If you go on confining yourself to the sex center, you cannot evolve. You will remain where you are; you will remain in contact with your past, but you will not be connected with the future. You are stuck there; man is stuck at the sex center.

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