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Chapter 63: Start Creating Yourself

Just the contrary is the case for all nature: every animal, every plant, is born with an essence, with a soul, with a program, with a fixed destiny. Man is born as an opening with no fixed destiny - this creates burden, this creates responsibility. This gives you fear, anguish, anxiety. And then wherever you are, if you don’t do anything you get stuck. That getting stuck creates boredom.

You can be alive, happy, festive, joyful, only when you are moving when you are growing, when you are increasing, when you are creating the soul; really when you are pregnant with the divine, and when the divine is growing in your womb, when you are going to give birth.

For Tantra, God is not the beginning, God is in the end. God is not the creator, but the ultimate peak, the omega point, of evolution. It is the last, not the first; not the alpha but the omega. And unless you become pregnant and unless you carry a child within you, you will be bored, because then your life is futile - nothing is going to come out of it; no fruit is going to come out of it. That creates boredom.

You can make this opportunity a source of evolution, or you can miss the opportunity and can make it a point of suicide. It depends on you.

Because man can commit suicide, only man can grow spiritually. No animal can grow spiritually. Because man can destroy himself, he can also create. Remember, both the possibilities move simultaneously. No animal can destroy himself - impossible. You cannot conceive of a lion thinking about suicide, to jump from a cliff and end the whole thing - no, impossible. No lion can think of it. Howsoever brave, no lion can think of ending himself, destroying himself. He’s not free.

You can conceive of destroying yourself. It is impossible to find a human being who has not thought many times to destroy himself. And if you can find a human being who has not thought of committing suicide, then either he is animal or God. That is very basically human - the possibility to destroy. But that also opens another door; simultaneously both the doors open - you can create also. You can create yourself, because you can destroy yourself.

No animal can create himself. You can create yourself, and unless you start creating, you will be destroying. Unless you create yourself, start creating.. And it is not a thing to create yourself, it is a process - you have to go on creating. Unless you reach to the ultimate, you have to go on creating. Unless the God is born within you, you have to go on creating. If you are not creating, you will be bored - uncreative life is boredom. All these techniques are to help you to create, to be reborn, to become pregnant. Now I will take the techniques.

The first technique. This technique is very easy and really wonderful. You can do it, anyone can do it. There is no question of type: anyone can do this technique, and for everyone this will be helpful. Even if you cannot move very deeply in it, then too it will be helpful. It will refresh you.

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