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Chapter 33: Meditation in the Marketplace

Otherwise man is lazy. If you tell the man, “There is nowhere to go, you are already where you are supposed to be and God is taking care of everything. You need not worry; all that you can do is pray. Thank God for your poverty, thank God for your sickness, thank God for your old age, thank God for your slavery”.what else have you got to thank God for?

Any revolution, means revolution against God, because he is the creator, he is the maintainer of the world. He is omnipotent, omnipresent, omniscient. He can see everything that is happening, has happened, has yet to happen - past, present, future. He can reach every nook and corner of the world, he has thousands of hands. You have seen the pictures of God with thousands of hands: those thousands of hands are saying, “Don’t be worried, there is one hand for you too.” He will take care. Any complaint is disrespectful. Any complaint means you are more intelligent than God - you are saying that you can create a world better than God has created. You can create a human personality more luminous, more cheerful, more integrated than God has created. Any complaint, any grudge, any grumbling is against God. Accept your slavery with thankfulness, accept your humiliation with prayerfulness - this is what religions have been teaching to the people. This is how they have taken meditation into the marketplace.

This is an ancient story. You are not doing anything new. All the priests of all the religions have been giving the same consolation: “Keep the status quo as it is. God above, everything is okay with man, with the world.”

My approach is totally different. There is no God with thousands of hands. Even thousands of hands will not be enough. Right now there are five billion people on the earth. At least five billion hands will be needed - there will not be any God, only hands! It will be a very weird looking animal, like an octopus. And looking at the world you can see that nobody is taking care of it, that it is accidental; there is no order, no harmony. There is everywhere disorder and disharmony.

Can you conceive a God and Adolf Hitler at the same time? And God is omnipotent, all-powerful: just with one hand he could have taken Adolf Hitler up. But no hand came down, and Adolf Hitler killed six million people. And now Adolf Hitler is out of date. Ronald Reagan can kill the whole world, but God is still nowhere available. At least take up Ronald Reagan! Just for a change give one proof of your existence!

For thousands of years man has been arguing and waiting - the proof must come - but the skies are silent, no answer comes from anywhere. There is nobody there. You are unnecessarily waiting.

If you want to change, you will have to do something. You have relied on God for long enough, and the situation has been going from bad to worse. It is time to take the situation into your own hands; at least you should feel responsible for your life.

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