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Chapter 22: Poverty Is a Power Game

In thirty years time India has doubled its population. When I had started talking it was only four hundred million. Today it is eight hundred million. If they had listened to me, they would not have been poor. Only fifty percent of the country is poor. That means these four hundred million people that have increased have made the country poor.

But I was condemned in the name of morality, in the name of God, that I am teaching something immoral, that if people start using birth control methods then there is a possibility of immorality spreading.

I had encountered Hindu priests, Jaina priests, Buddhist priests, and I asked them, “Then your moral people are not very moral. Then it is just the fear that if they make love to some other woman than their own wife and she becomes pregnant, they will be caught. They will be in trouble. So it is only the fear that is keeping them moral. This is not morality. If they are really moral, birth control methods cannot make them immoral. There is no reason.”

And they had no answer to it.

They were using the name of God, that God is giving birth to children. And I am teaching people to prevent children. That means I am against God.

I had an encounter with one of the shankaracharyas, the equivalent of pope to the Hindus. I asked him that, “What are the basic qualities of God?”

He said, “That is irrelevant for the subject we are discussing.”

I said, “It is not irrelevant. If you are not courageous to say because you are afraid, you will be caught into it. I will say - that all your scriptures give God three qualities: that he is omnipotent, all-powerful; omniscient, all-knowing - past, present, future; omnipresent, everywhere present. If God has these qualities and he can make this whole universe from nothing.”

Because there was nothing. In Hindu scriptures God makes the universe out of nothing. Naturally, they have to accept that position because if there was something already then God is not a creator. Maybe a contractor. If he has to be a creator, then there must not be anything: no matter. Out of nothing he creates this whole immense universe.

“Do you accept it?”

He said, “Yes, I accept it.”

I said, “Such a God. Cannot he remove a small pill? If a man is using a condom, cannot he make a small hole in it?”

Omnipotent God, just needs a little safety pin. And he is all-present, everywhere. Even in your bedroom while you are making love he is just between you and your beloved. He can make all your condoms punctured before you use them.

“So why you should be afraid? He cannot even make a small hole in the condom. He cannot change the quality of a small pill. And you still want to call him omnipotent, all-powerful? Then drop these qualities. And if you want to keep these qualities, then drop your argument against me, that I am telling people to do something against God.

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