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Chapter 5: The Future Is Open

So anybody who is sent to a prison comes out a bigger criminal. When he went into the prison, perhaps he was just an amateur - that’s why he was so easily caught. When he comes out, he comes out as a professional, expert. Now it will be difficult to catch him.

So my suggestion to the courts of the whole world is that up to now what you have been doing with the criminals is not right. A criminal has something wrong in his psychology. He needs psychiatric treatment.

Instead of making prisons, make places where he can be given psychiatric treatment, where he can meditate, study, become more intelligent. And give him all the respect that is due to a human being. His acts do not count; what counts is his being.

I had chosen Sheela to be my secretary, not because she was meditative, not because she understood my approach towards problems. My reason for choosing her was totally different.

She had a very practical mind, very pragmatic. She was intelligent. And thirdly, because she had no idea of my total vision; just necessary instructions she could repeat like a parrot. And I needed a parrot.

I was in silence. I had no need of a very articulate man, because the articulate man will hear me but his mind will constantly be changing it, making it more sophisticated, more polished. He will edit, he will add. It will not be pure. I needed a parrot who knows nothing of philosophy, knows nothing of religion, knows nothing of the ultimate problems of life. Sheela was perfect. She could only repeat what I was saying to her.

These were the basic reasons in the beginning that I had chosen my secretary.

Another point to be understood, which is significant.. Many questions have come that, “You are an enlightened being. How could you choose wrong people?”

Those questions are out of a misunderstanding. An enlightened person can see you in the moment in your totality, but your future is unpredictable. And there are only two possibilities: if your future is freedom, it has to be unpredictable. If your future is not freedom, then it can be predicted.

Almost all the religions have chosen a predictable future, but the implication is that man becomes a machine. Only machines are predictable.

If Mahavira, Buddha and others can see the whole future of humanity, that means everything is already determined. So what you are doing is simply being a robot. The idea of freedom becomes an illusion.

But to me, freedom is the highest value. To save freedom, I am ready to kill God. If God is there, no freedom is possible, because God is omnipotent, omnipresent, omniscient, he knows all, he is present everywhere, and he is all powerful.

Under such a despot - Adolf Hitler millions of times magnified is your God - how can small human beings have the taste of freedom? It is impossible.

I would like to repeat the sentence of Friedrich Nietzsche, who once in a while used to have tremendous insights. He said, “God is dead and man is now free.”

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