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Chapter 1: The End of Heroes

So there are people who have forgotten that they were not happy under a strict system where there was no question of independence, total surrender was asked. They were unwilling to do it, but they were doing it. Now you are free, and you don’t know what to do. You will have to learn that you can work out of your own love, that there is no need for surrender. You need not become a slave; you can remain a master. But certainly remember that the quality of the work of a master must be higher than the quality of the work of a slave. That’s the only criterion to prove whether you are a slave or a master.

The New Man will live out of his own love, creativity and joy, without depending on any father figure. He will not need a God. God is a projection of the sick minds of people who want a permanent father. These human fathers are not reliable; today they are alive, tomorrow they may die. You cannot trust them. They need a father who is eternal. They need a father who is all-powerful. They need a father who knows everything, past, present, future. That gives them great consolation.

Now a few people are angry at me. Why did I not stop it?.But I am not omniscient; I didn’t know what was happening. I don’t know even what is happening in the other room. I can just hear the noise; what is cooking, I don’t know. Something must be cooking. But I don’t pretend to be an omniscient father; neither am I a peeping tom, that I should go on looking into everybody’s bathroom keyhole watching what is happening, who is doing what. I never go out of my own room.

They are angry. The reason is that they must have been unconsciously projecting the father figure on me. Please, don’t make me a curtain to project anything you want. I am nobody’s curtain. I am not a screen, that you can project any idea on me and then feel angry because I am not behaving according to you. When had I said to you that I will behave according to you? I don’t expect you to behave according to me, neither do I want you to expect me to behave according to you. Here we are agreed only on one point, and that is the independence of everybody; there is no other agreement.

The New Man will have communes, but the agreement will be freedom. You can look into my eyes and you can see my silence, my depth. You can feel my presence, my joy, my song. But you are not to repeat anything. I am simply indicating to you that what has happened to me can happen to you. There will be differences, there will be uniquenesses. I may be just a marigold flower and you may be a lotus - so don’t imitate me. You may be a rose and I am just a marigold, a very poor flower who has nothing. But whoever named it marigold must have had great insight; it is the poorest flower, but there is great merriness, great joy in it - and it is pure gold, twenty-four carat.

One never knows what is hidden in you. Something certainly is hidden - everybody is carrying a being - you have to search and bring it into light and let your fragrance take its wings into the air.

I am the New Man. You have to be the New Man. I am not ordering you, I am simply saying so loudly so you can hear. And we have to create more opportunities for the New Man for more people around the world.

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