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Chapter 3: God Is Just like Tomorrow

But you are not only body. Behind the body is your hidden splendor, the consciousness. That too needs nourishment continuously. And all around you just like air.

Once you are empty, just wait a little. Don’t take any decision. And suddenly you will feel a new rush - energy coming into you, from inside, from outside. You will suddenly feel you are surrounded with consciousness and you are melting into it. And then comes the realization that, “I was just ignorant about myself and the existence in which I am living, which has given me birth and which is going to be my ultimate home. I have to disperse in this home.”

But it always happens that there is a small period when you are very shaky.

The night I was talking to you about Gurdjieff and his method of working on the energy systems. He divided energy into the first layer, which is very small layer; it is enough for day-to-day affairs. The second layer is a bigger layer. If the first layer is finished and you continue, the second layer is suddenly going to start functioning. And if you continue to exhaust the second layer - which is very difficult, it takes months, sometimes years to exhaust it - then the third layer which is cosmic, inexhaustible, starts functioning. But Gurdjieff’s method is very old, very primitive.

But a coincidence happened. Avirbhava was shopping in Singapore that night, and she was feeling tired, utterly tired, and a moment came, she felt she could not go on any longer. But she wanted to finish and come back soon, so she went on and on and on.

She has come back with eighteen suitcases filled with shopping! She’s the great shopper here.and she shops for me.

So she went on and on. Then she suddenly felt a tremendous new energy arising that she had never known before, and she was as fresh as the morning dew.

When she came back here and she related it to Kaveesha, she said, “This is a strange coincidence!” because that night I had been discussing these three layers of energy.

The energy of the cosmos is surrounding you. All that is needed is a certain emptiness in you. So the emptiness is good. Don’t fill it by beliefs, don’t fill it again by another kind of God, another philosophy, some existentialism. Don’t fill it. Leave it clean and fresh, and go deeper.

Soon you will find from both sides, from outside and inside, a tremendous rush of energy, a tremendous rush of consciousness, and you disappear, you are almost flooded with the cosmos. You are so small and the cosmos is so vast; you suddenly disappear into it, and that disappearance is the ultimate experience of enlightenment. Then you know you were neither an outsider nor an insider. You are one with existence. Other than oneness with existence, nothing is going to help.

But that oneness is so easy, so obvious. Just a little relaxation, just a little turning in - not much effort, not much discipline, not much torture for yourself.

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