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Chapter 1: I Am Consciousness, I Am Freedom

The moment there is no self you have become cosmic. It is not a losing of something. It is a great game. To lose this self is the only, the greatest, the ultimate, game. The self is not something which is to be protected, it is something to be destroyed. It is something which is a barrier toward your ultimate potentiality, toward your ultimate realization.

So I cannot say that I am self-realized. I will say: I am no-self-realized. And that is the only self-realization that is possible. No other self-realization exists and all those who claim self-realizations, their emphasis is on the self and not realization. My emphasis is on realization. That is why I emphatically deny the self.

How am I related to the cosmos and to other people? “Relation” exists between two selves. I am one, not related. Oneness is not relationship. Relationship is always between two: it is dual. This may look paradoxical, but in every relationship you remain unrelated. Howsoever you are related, you will remain unrelated, because relationship exists between two. Two will be there. So relationship is only a facade to hide the duality. For moments you can mislead yourself - only for moments, and not even for moments.. You delude yourself that you are related, but then again you are. You have fallen back to yourself, and there is no relationship.

In love, for example - the so-called love - we are “related.” We appear to be related. We create the fallacy of a relationship, but in fact we are just deceiving ourselves. The two will remain two. Howsoever near, the two will remain two. Even in sexual communion they will be two. This two-ness, this duality will never last. So a relationship is only creating a fallacious oneness. It is not there. Oneness can never exist between two selves. Oneness can only exist between two no-selves.

So as far as I am concerned, I am not related to the cosmic reality, not related at all. And by that I do not mean that I am isolated. By that, I mean that there is no one in me who can exist in relationship. I am one. As far as the cosmic reality is concerned, I am one. And the cosmic reality is one with me. But as far as people are concerned: from my side, I am one, but not from their side. They are related. Someone is related as a friend, someone is related as an enemy, someone is related as a brother, and someone is related as a disciple. They are related to me, but I am not related to them. And the whole “happening” that is happening in me is to make them unrelated. But that cannot be an effort on their part, that only can be a realization of no self.

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