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Chapter 8: Life in True Faith

If you dance fast, move fast, whirl fast, you suddenly feel a dizziness, a nausea, as if the mind is disappearing. If you continue, for a few days dizziness will be there and then it will settle. The moment dizziness has gone you will find the mind has gone, because there is nobody to feel dizzy. And then a clarity comes. Then you look at things without the mind. Without the mind the whole is revealed - and with the whole, the transformation.

When such dualities cease to exist
oneness itself cannot exist.

And remember, when we use the word oneness, that too is part of duality. If there is no duality how can there be oneness? That’s why Hindus never use oneness. If you ask Shankara, “What is the nature of existence?” he says, “Non-dual, advaita, not two.”

He will never say one, because how can you say one? If there is only one, how can you say one? One needs two to be meaningful. If there is no possibility of the second, of the two, then what is the use of saying that it is one? Shankara says, “At the most, I can say not two, but I cannot say positively one. I can say what the reality is not: it is not two. I cannot say what it is, because meaning, words, all become useless.”

When such dualities cease to exist.

When you cannot see love apart from hate, what meaning will you give to love? Dictionaries cannot be written by Sosan. If somebody tells me to write a dictionary, I cannot do that. It is impossible, because what meaning will I give to love? Dictionaries are possible only if love and hate are different, not only different but opposite. So you can write: love is not hate. When you have to define hate, you can say: not love.

But what will Sosan do? If you ask him “What is love?” how should he define love? - because love is hate too. How will he define life? - because life is death too. How will he define a child? - because a child is an old man too. How will he define beauty? - because beauty is ugliness too. Boundaries disappear, then you cannot define anything because definition needs boundaries, and definition depends on the opposite; all definitions depend on the opposite.

If we say what a man is, we can say: not a woman - and it is defined. But if you look at Sosan and understand him, every man is a woman, every woman is a man. This is how things are. Now psychologists have also discovered that fact that man and woman are bisexual. Every man has a woman hidden within, and every woman has a man hidden within her - they are there. No woman is simply a woman, cannot be. In this existence nothing can be without the opposite. And no man can be without a woman, the woman is there.

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