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Chapter 21: The Spirit Returns and Touches Heaven

Master Lu-Tsu said:
Now there are three confirmatory experiences which can be tested. The first is that, when one has entered the state of meditation, the gods are in the valley. Men are heard talking as though at a distance of several hundred paces, each one quite clear. But the sounds are all like an echo in a valley. One can always hear them, but never oneself. This is called: “The presence of the gods in the valley.”

At times the following can be experienced: as soon as one is quiet, the light of the eyes begins to blaze up, so that everything before one becomes quite bright as if one were in a cloud. If one opens one’s eyes and seeks the body, it is not to be found any more. This is called: “In the empty chamber it grows light.” Inside and outside, everything is equally light. That is a very favorable sign.

Or, when one sits in meditation, the fleshly body becomes quite shining like silk or jade. It seems difficult to remain sitting: one feels as if drawn upward. This is called: “The spirit returns and touches heaven.” In time, one can experience it in such a way that one really floats upward.

And now, it is already possible to have all three of these experiences. But not everything can be expressed. Different things appear to each person according to his disposition. If one experiences these things, it is a sign of a good aptitude. With these things it is just as it is when one drinks water: one can tell for oneself whether the water is warm or cold. In the same way a man must convince himself about these experiences, then only are they real.

Master Lu-Tsu said:
When there is a gradual success in producing the circulation of the light, a man must not give up his ordinary occupation in doing it. The ancients said: When occupations come to us, we must accept them; when things come to us, we must understand them from the ground up. If the occupations are properly handled by correct thoughts, the light is not scattered by outside things, but circulates according to its own law. Even the still invisible circulation of the light gets started this way; how much more, then, is it the case with the true circulation of the light which has already manifested itself clearly.

When in ordinary life one has the ability always to react to things by reflexes only, without any admixture of a thought of others or of oneself, that is a circulation of the light arising out of circumstances. This is the first secret.

If early in the morning, one can rid oneself of all entanglements and meditate from one to two double hours, and then can orientate oneself towards all activities and outside things in a purely objective, reflex way, and if this can be continued without any interruption, then after two or three months all the perfected ones come from heaven and approve such behavior.

It was a beautiful morning. It must have been a morning like this. The breeze was cool and full of the sweet smell of the wet earth. The birds were singing and the sun was rising on the horizon. The dewdrops were shining on the grass leaves like pearls.

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