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Chapter 7: The Lust for Power

So she has made it absolutely clear that people, only who are subordinate to her, totally surrendered to her - in my name - can remain here. These people all who have left, are now calling that they want to come back, because they have always loved me and they have not left the commune because their love for me has changed, but it became impossible to keep oneself free, individual, to save one’s self-respect.

Just yesterday I became aware that the mayor of the Rajneeshpuram was punished by Sheela because he will not do something that she wanted him to do which was criminal. So he refused and he was punished. Now, to punish a mayor of the city, to dig trenches for many days - now anybody who has any self-respect will feel like leaving. He left. He has informed from California that, “I would like to come back. It was Sheela who forced me. There is a limit of patience.”

Hasya came very late, and she came with a project. She and her husband have made one of the best movies - Godfather. She wanted to make a movie on the commune, on my movement, on my thoughts, so naturally I allowed her to see me. And I told her that she is absolutely welcome; she can come with her crew and be here. Because I have allowed her, Sheela could not do anything and she became aware of her intelligence, creativity; she saw certainly that she is going to be her rival. When her all crimes are exposed - and the moment all her crimes were slowly being exposed, she escaped from here with twenty criminals who were part of the gang. She has placed all her people on all the power posts in the commune. So they are all hiding in the Black Forest in Germany.

This was simply an opportunity - it would have happened to anybody. And particularly to a woman, because women have not tasted power for millions of years. They are having really repressed desire to have power.

Secondly, she was just an uneducated person - a waitress in a restaurant. Lower a person is, more is his feeling of inferiority complex, and the greater is the problem somehow, to prove to oneself and to others that, “I am not inferior. That I am superior - superior than everybody.”

Jim Gordon,

The Atlantic Monthly Magazine, and the Washington Post

I’ve been waiting many years to sit here.

I have also been waiting. It is never one-sided.

I first saw your picture about twelve years ago when Shyam Singh was wearing a mala around his neck. I’ve been knowing about you for all those years and doing meditations.


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