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Chapter 3: Five Modifications of Mind

That word non-misery is very significant. Patanjali doesn’t say that it will lead you into ananda, into bliss, no; at the most it can lead you into non-misery. The mind can lead you into misery if you wrongly use it, if you become a slave to it. If you become the master the mind can lead you into non-misery - not into bliss, because bliss is your nature; the mind cannot lead you to it. But if you are in non-misery then the inner bliss starts flowing.

The bliss is always there inside, it is your intrinsic nature. It is nothing to be achieved and earned, it is nothing to be reached somewhere. You are born with it, you have it already, it is already the case. That’s why Patanjali doesn’t say that the mind can lead you into misery and can lead you into bliss, no. He is very scientific, very accurate. He will not use even a single word which can give you any untrue information. He simply says either misery or non-misery.

Buddha also says many times, whenever seekers will come to him.and seekers are after bliss, so they will ask Buddha, “How can we attain to the bliss, the ultimate bliss?” He will say, “I don’t know. I can show you the path which leads to non-misery, just the absence of misery. I don’t say anything about the positive, bliss, just the negative. I can show you how to move into the world of non-misery.”

That’s all that methods can do. Once you are in the state of non-misery the inner bliss starts flowing. But that doesn’t come from the mind, that comes from your inner being. So mind has nothing to do with it, mind cannot create it. If mind is in misery then mind becomes a hindrance; if mind is in non-misery then mind becomes an opening - but it is not creative, it is not doing anything.

You open the windows and the rays of the sun enter: by opening the windows you are not creating the sun, the sun was already there. If it were not there then just by opening the windows, rays wouldn’t enter. Your window can become a hindrance: the sunrays may be outside and the window is closed. The window can hinder or it can give way. It can become a passage but it cannot be creative. It cannot create the rays, the rays are there.

Your mind, if it is in misery, becomes closed. Remember, one of the characteristics of misery is closedness. Whenever you are in misery you become closed. Observe - when ever you feel some anguish you are closed to the world. Even to your dearest friend you are closed. Even to your wife, your children, your beloved, you are closed when you are in misery, because misery gives you a shrinking inside. You shrink. From everywhere you have closed your doors.

That’s why in misery people start thinking of suicide. Suicide means total closure, no possibility of any communication, no possibility of any door. Even a closed door is dangerous. Someone can open it so destroy the door, destroy all possibilities. Suicide means, “Now I am going to destroy all possibility of any opening. Now I am closing myself totally.”

Whenever you are in misery you start thinking of suicide. Whenever you are happy you cannot think of suicide, you cannot imagine, you cannot even think. “Why do people commit suicide? Why? Life is such joy, life is such a deep music, why do people destroy life?” - it appears impossible.

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