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Chapter 1: Know How to Live

Life asks you the same question again and again and again: “Are you still willing to gamble?” It is never certain. Life has no insurance in it; it is simply an opening, a wild opening, a chaotic opening. You can make a small house around you, secure, but then that will prove to be your grave. Live with life.

And we have been doing that in many ways. Marriage is man-created; love is part of life. When you create marriage around love you are creating security. You are making something which cannot be made - love cannot be made legal. You are trying to do the impossible, and if in that effort love dies, it is no wonder. You become a husband, your beloved becomes a wife. You are no longer two alive persons, you are two functionaries. The husband has a certain function, the wife has a certain function: they have certain duties to fulfill. Then life has ceased to flow. They are frozen.

Watch a husband and wife. You will always see two persons frozen, sitting side by side, not knowing what they are doing here, why they are sitting here. Maybe they have nowhere to go.

When you see love between two persons something is flowing, moving, changing. When there is love between two persons they live in an aura, there is a constant sharing. Their vibrations are reaching to each other; they are broadcasting their being to each other. There is no wall between them, they are two and yet not two - they are one also.

The husband and wife are as far away as it is possible to be, even though they may be sitting by the side of each other. The husband never listens to what the wife is saying; he has become deaf long ago. The wife never sees what is happening to the husband; she has become blind to him. They take each other absolutely for granted; they have become things. They are no longer persons because persons are always open, persons are always uncertain, persons are always changing. Now they have a fixed role to fulfill. They died the day they got married. Since that day they have not lived.

I’m not saying not to get married, but remember that love is the real thing. And if it dies then marriage is worthless.

And the same is true about everything in life, about everything. Either you can live it - but then you have to live with this hesitation, not knowing what is going to happen the next moment - or you can make everything certain about it. There are people who have become so certain about everything that they are never surprised. There are people whom you cannot surprise. And I am here to deliver to you a message which is very surprising - you will not believe it, I know. You cannot believe it, I know. I am here to tell you something which is absolutely unbelievable - that you are gods and goddesses. You have forgotten.

Let me tell you an anecdote.

Harvey Firestone, Thomas A. Edison, John Burroughs and Henry Ford stopped at a rural service station on their way to Florida for the winter.