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Chapter 25: Future Is Only a Word to Keep You Going

The feeling of being even a little bit open is so fantastic that it feels irrelevant whether there is anything to be open for or not.
I know this is not a question, but I just wanted to say it.

It is a question, and a meaningful question too.

Opening to something is really a device. There is nothing to open for: the real thing is opening.

But people are such that if you say, “Just open,” they will think it crazy. They want to open for something. Their minds always function through motivation. They want to love someone. You simply say to them, “Love,” and it will be very difficult for them. It is absolutely certain they will ask, “Who?” That has happened with meditation for centuries.

Even the word “meditation” is not right, because in the English language there is no word which can really describe the Sanskrit word dhyan or the Japanese word zen. Japanese had no word, Chinese also had no word; the Sanskrit word dhyan became zhan because Buddha was not speaking Sanskrit, he was speaking Pali. In Pali the word becomes zhan, and from Pali, in China, it became ch’an. And in Japan, ch’an became zen. But it is the same word - dhyan.

In English it never happened. There are three words: concentration, contemplation, meditation - but none of the three is relevant because concentration immediately reminds you: “On what?” Contemplation immediately reminds you: “On what?” And meditation also reminds you: “On what?” You tell somebody to meditate, and the immediate question will be, “On what?” Just to meditate seems to be madness. How can you meditate without an object? How can you love without an object?

And the same is the situation about opening up. So devices which are false have been used: “Open to the master,” “Open to existence,” “Open to God” - but open to something. That makes sense to the mind. Just to say to the mind, “Open!” makes no sense. Why should I open myself? For what? Mind is essentially a motivated mechanism.

So what you are saying - that just opening a little bit is so beautiful that it seems irrelevant for what you are opening.. It is irrelevant. There is nobody, there is nothing for which you are told to open. It is just to manipulate your mind, to speak in a language that it can understand, knowing perfectly well that when it opens it will understand why a false device was used.

All devices are false.

The real question is your opening.

The more you are closed, the more you are in darkness; the more you are closed, the more you are dead. The dead person is completely closed.

In all countries, in all traditions, when a person dies.if his eyes are open, they immediately close them, for the simple reason that it doesn’t suit a dead man to have open eyes: “You please keep them shut!” Now everything is closed.

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