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Chapter 2: Come Out of Your Mind

It is like painting a picture of Jesus on a dark night when there is no light. And you have never seen him, and you have never touched colors, and you don’t know how to paint, and the night is dark and not even a single candle is there. And you go on painting, and you don’t know how to paint, and you don’t know how to keep the brush in your hand, and you don’t know how to mix the colors, and you cannot see which color is which - the night is so dark. And you go on painting. And in the morning when you see, you say “This is Jesus.”

It is all guesswork in deep ignorance. Whatsoever man has thought of God is just guesswork. If you are honest you will not be interested in any guesswork. God cannot be guessed at - he can be known but not guessed at. How can you guess at God? How can you imagine God? There is no way to do it. And whatsoever you do is going to be wrong. The best way is not to guess but to drop all prejudices that you have been taught and conditioned for. Become a pure nothingness, a mirror, that’s what meditation is all about. In that nothingness your eyes open for the first time. You start seeing that which is.

Two goldfish were swimming around and around in a glass bowl. One announced crankily that he had become an atheist.

“Fine, fine” scoffed the other. “Now just explain to me who changed the water in this bowl?”

Now a goldfish in a bowl thinks that God changes the water. Your guesswork about God cannot be more than that. That’s why people say - if you say to them there is no God - they will say “What are you talking about? Then who created the world? Who changed the water?” Stupid ideas, because God is not the cause, and the world is not the effect. God has not created the world. If he has created this world, then that is enough proof that he is absolutely mad: that will prove only this, nothing else.

God has not created the world. God is not really a creator. It will be far better to say that God is the world. God is not the creator but the creativity. The flower opening is God. Not that God is standing there and opening it - not separate from the flower and forcing the petals open. God is the flowering. The star shining in the night.not that God is pouring oil into it, or some fuel, and running it and managing it somehow; God is that light. Not that God has created you; you are that. The Upanishads say Tattvamasi: thou art that. They are far closer to the truth.

In the East we have always depicted God as a dancer, not as a creator - God as Nataraj, the Master Dancer. Why? There is something immensely meaningful in that concept.

God is not the painter, because when the painter does a painting, the painting becomes separate from the painter. When the painter has finished with the painting, the painting has its own existence. The painter may die, the painting can live. And when the painter has finished the painting, it may be a beautiful painting, but it is dead because the painter cannot put his breath into it. That is not possible. He cannot pour his vitality into it, his life into it. The painting may be beautiful but a painting is a painting - it is dead.

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