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Chapter 9: I Am the Fire!

Beauty arises when there is love. Beauty is an experience of a love-relationship. Wherever you fall in love, you will feel something beautiful happening. Fall in love with the trees and they become beautiful; that’s how they look beautiful to the painter. Fall in love with anything and that looks beautiful. Fall in love with money and the money starts taking on a beauty. Have you not seen people touching their notes and rupees with such love and such care, almost caressing, kissing?

I have heard..

Once upon a time Goldstein was walking along a busy highway when he came upon the scene of an automobile accident. Several injured men were still lying about on the road.

The Jew approached one of the victims and asked, “Has the insurance man been around here?”


“Well then,” said the Jew, “I will just lie down here by your side.”

He can’t see the misery. People are dying.and he can only see money.

And another story about the same Goldstein:

He was in court. He had caught his wife with a man in the bed.

The judge asked him, “You say, Goldstein, that the unwritten law would have justified you in killing Mr. Cohen, and that you had pulled a gun on him, yet you did not fire. Why?”

Mr. Goldstein: “Well, Judge, when I pointed my pistol at him, he said, ‘How much you want for that gun?’ I ask you, Judge, could I kill a man when he was talking business?”

If you are in love with money, then suddenly money has something that nobody will be able to see in it. Everybody will laugh at you, but you will be able to see it. Fall in love with anything and you start seeing things which are not available to others.

Love creates beauty. Love is creative. Love is the only creative force there is. So even things like money can become significant and meaningful, and can have a grandeur which is simply not there. So when you come across a Christ or a Buddha or a Kabir, if you are utterly dull, dead, insensitive, if you are really mediocre, if you have lost all your intelligence, if you have become absolutely closed like a stone, you have lost all openings to your being - not even a window ever opens, no sunlight enters in you and no wind ever plays inside you and moves inside you - then maybe you can pass without falling in love. Otherwise it is impossible.

Disciplehood arises out of love.

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