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Chapter 20: Your Longing Is the Seed

This morning, again you came to me and I wonder: I know how the sun touches me, how your face enters my eyes, your voice my ears. I know those five doors to the world. But I wonder what this sixth sense is that feels you. What door do you pass to reach me so deeply, and why is it always in the morning that you touch me the most? Is openness related to the rhythm of the day? Would you please speak on senses and openness?

We are part of a tremendously huge, organic unity of existence. Everything in us is related to the grass, to the trees, to the stars. Nothing is unrelated. The sunrise is not only something that happens outside - something happens within you too. As the sun rises, there is a rhythmic awareness all over the planet: the trees wake up, the flowers blossom, the lotuses open their petals, the birds suddenly start singing. Something within you also starts awakening.

The night is over: a part of your consciousness which was asleep again becomes awake, fresh, rejuvenated, cleaner, younger, after the rest. Hence, it is easy in the morning to be open and to be available. It is a little more difficult in the evening. As the night deepens, it becomes more and more difficult. Most of the children are born in the morning, just before sunrise or just after sunrise.

But once you become capable of being open and available and receptive, it is not impossible to be receptive in the evening or even in the middle of the night.

It is because of this reason that Sufis have chosen the middle of the night as the time for meditation, because if you can meditate in the middle of the night then the whole day, any time, morning, afternoon, evening, will become very easy. They start from the hardest point. It takes a little longer but their arithmetic is correct: the person who can meditate in the middle of the night when the whole existence is falling deep into sleep.and he remains awake, just like an island in the ocean. In the beginning it may be difficult, but later on he will find it is immensely rewarding because then at any time, any hour, meditation is absolutely simple.

But most of the religions have chosen the morning - just before the sunrise is the best time because the whole of nature is supporting you. You are not in any conflict with existence. The whole of nature is awakening, and you can simply flow with its awakening energy. Except the Sufis, all the religions have chosen the morning to begin with. That too is correct. Why not begin from the simplest and then slowly, move towards the harder?

So you are right, that “it always happens in the morning that You touch me the most.” I am touching you all the time. It is just that in the morning you feel me the most.

The sun may have risen but if you keep your doors closed, for you it is still night. It may be that the whole world is full of light.but you can keep your eyes closed and remain in darkness. So remember, everything depends on you. I am available twenty-four hours, exactly the same.

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