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Chapter 33: To Be Enlightened Simply Means I Know Myself

No, that does not affect me at all. Negative publicity I can change into positive publicity at any moment - just like that. That is not a problem.

But it hasn’t happened - just like that.

It is happening. Just like that.

I don’t see it happening - just like that, now.

I see it. You don’t have eyes to see, you have only a journalist’s blindness. And I don’t have a good opinion of journalists, remember.

Journalists? Sorry, I missed the.

I don’t have any good opinion of journalists, remember. They are just people who could not succeed in politics and are now standing by the side of the road and throwing stones at everybody who is succeeding. So that does not matter at all. I don’t care a bit what the journalists say.

But do you care what people say?

I don’t care. What I care is what happens to my people. Saying things makes no difference. What difference does it make to Christians? People were not saying very positive things about Jesus, otherwise he would not have been crucified. Not a single hand was raised for him; everybody was against him. But what harm has that done to Christianity? In fact, those hands which were raised against Jesus have created Christianity. If Jesus had not been crucified, there would have been no Christianity at all, because Jesus was a Jew - born a Jew, lived as a Jew, died as a Jew; he had never thought or dreamt that he is a Christian.

So negative publicity, what people say, does not matter. What matters is what is happening to my people. They have done damage to my people. And to do damage to people who are so loving, so trusting, so innocently ready to do things, is simply unbelievable.

What would you like to see happen to Sheela and her so-called gang?

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