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Chapter 13: Truth Is Beyond Words

Dieter Kronzucker,

ZDF-TV, Germany

Glad to see you.

Thank you very much that you gave us the opportunity to talk with you.

Come again and again.

And we need just a few minutes until he has his camera installed, after he has filmed your entrance here.


And I have a question. This is for a program of about twenty minutes. We have already done a ten-minute report about the activities in your city and now we want to do about ten minutes’ interview. I can imagine that there are questions where you need long answers, but there might be questions where the answers could be relatively short.

I will try my best, but I have to give you a full answer.


You can edit it, there is no problem. But I must do justice to your question.

I can understand that. It is just that I had the opportunity to look at interviews you have done, and there were long interviews with beautiful answers, and then because of the necessity to shorten it, you then see edited versions that sometimes omit some parts that might be very essential. I hope that will not be the case in our interview.

It will not be.

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