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Chapter 9: I Am a Simple Human Being

This gave them the taste of power.

I was in silence and this was my instruction: I don’t want to know what is happening in the world. For 5 years I have not read any newspaper, not listened to the radio, or seen television. Sheela, my physician, my dentist, my caretaker, they were all told that nothing has to be brought to my notice unless it is absolutely necessary. I wanted to live in isolation. This is my birthright. Who are you to be angry about it?

And these people, when I had given them the opportunity, were totally different. Perhaps anybody of you, in such circumstances, would have turned out the same, because everybody, deep in the unconscious, carries a lust for power. But it remains unconscious because there is no opportunity for it to become a reality. These people saw that unconscious will to power surfacing because the opportunity was there. There was nobody to prevent them, and they were able to use my name in everything.

And I am not omniscient.

I never knew what they were saying to you. I never knew when they bugged my room. So you can see that I am not omniscient. At least I would have known that my room was being bugged, under the excuse that they were putting a switch so that I could alarm the guards if there was any emergency.

I had never touched that switch, because there was never any emergency. Inside the switch they had put a microphone. And if I cannot see just by the side of my chair that there is a microphone, what do you expect of me?

I am just like you. I don’t have any pretensions to be holier than you, higher than you. Just a little difference - that I am awake and you are asleep. But I was also asleep..

In fact, because you are asleep, it makes it clear that any moment you can be awake. Sleep is possible only for a person who can be awake. Rocks don’t sleep. Only living beings sleep. They can be awakened. But I don’t see that by being awakened you become omniscient, or omnipresent, or omnipotent. These are just egoistic, megalomaniac ideas.

I don’t have any ego or any megalomania, I am simply awake. That means I know who I am. That does not include the bugging device. So I was not aware at all what was happening, and whatever Sheela was bringing to me was always the good news, that things are going perfectly well.

But you can see the opportunity. First she had to fight with the dirty politicians, so she had to learn the same tactics, the same strategy. She had to fight in courts against illegal charges, so she had to understand law. And she was continuously creating a commune here, so she had in her hands the immense power of money.

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