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Chapter 4: Meditation Is Death and Resurrection

When he learned that his friend had built a palace with security devices no other king had ever had, a neighboring king came to visit. And he was pleased to see it - he said that the palace was so secure that it posed absolutely no danger from enemies. When the two kings came out of the palace, the visiting king complimented his friend once again for building such a beautiful and secure palace and said that he would have a similar palace built for himself.

But as he said goodbye and mounted his chariot, a beggar sitting by the side gave a ringing laugh. The master of the palace asked him why he laughed. The beggar said, “As I see it, there has been a mistake in the construction of this place. I have been sitting here all the time it was being built. And I have been waiting for this opportunity to speak to you about it. There is a mistake - only one mistake.”

The king wanted to know about it, and the beggar said, “The one door that you have allowed is itself a danger, it is dangerous. Maybe no one will be able to enter the palace, but death will certainly enter through this door. So I suggest that you go inside and get this door sealed with bricks from inside. Then you will be absolutely protected, since death cannot enter.”

The king replied, “You are mad. In that case death will not need to enter the palace, because I will be dead as soon as this door is sealed. The house will become a grave.”

The beggar said, “It is already a grave, apart from this door. And you also admit that it will become a grave if this door is removed” When the king nodded his head the beggar added, “The more the doors have been removed, the more like a grave it has become. Now only one door remains.” The beggar added, “Once I also lived enclosed in a house. But then I discovered that an enclosed life was as good as being dead. You, too, can see that if the only door that remains in your house is sealed, it will turn into a grave. I pulled down all the walls of the house I lived in, and now I am under the open sky. As you say, if the house is completely closed, it will be all death, so I say that it will be all life if it is open and unprotected on all sides. I repeat, when it is all open and unprotected it becomes life - life abundant. There is danger enough, but it is life abundant.”

There is danger, and that is why it is inviting. And it is for this reason that you should go for it. And it is the coal, and not the diamond that faces danger. It is the river, and not the ocean that is in danger. And it is you, and not the godliness in you, who meets with danger.

So now think it out for yourselves. If you want to save yourselves, you will have to lose truth. And if you want to find truth, you will have to lose yourselves.

One night someone asked Jesus, “What should I do so that I find this God you always talk about?”

Jesus said, “You don’t have to do a thing except lose yourself. Don’t save yourself.”

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