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Chapter 30: Doubt Is My Fundamental Teaching

Bunte magazine, Offenburg, West Germany


I want to thank you very much for giving us the opportunity to talk with you. And let’s start with what happened in the last few days here. Could you ever imagine that something like this would happen to you and to the commune here?

I never think of the future, so I am always prepared for everything. I am never surprised, never disappointed either. Whatever happens, I take it for granted that it must do some good. Anything looked at rightly is always beneficial. Whatever happened here has helped my people immensely. Now it will never happen again.

They were innocent people. The whole life of the commune was only four years. They trusted me absolutely, although I have never asked anybody to trust in me or have faith in me. Just the contrary: I have asked them never to have any belief, any faith. Doubt is my fundamental teaching.

Doubt is so clean. It has given us the whole of science. In just three hundred years doubt has given us so much, and in ten thousand years beliefs have not given anything except wars, bloodshed, fanaticism, retarded people, divided humanity.

But it is a paradox of life that the more I tell my people not to have faith, not to have belief, the more they love me, the more they trust me.

For three and a half years I was silent. Sheela was my secretary; she was the only link between me and the commune. The commune simply trusted Sheela, and that whatever she is saying she represents me. That’s how the whole thing happened.

And I don’t condemn Sheela, either. It is just a human weakness. Everybody carries will to power within him. It is just a question of opportunity. If you get the opportunity, the will to power takes possession of you. And she had a good opportunity. These people had tremendous trust in me; she was representing me. She used the opportunity to become almost a fascist leader.

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