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Chapter 15: The Story of Trust

Trust knows how to obey. Trust only knows obedience. And through obedience, the ego slowly, slowly disappears. The question is between ego and egolessness. The master’s whole function is how to help you to die as an ego, and all kinds of means and methods have to be used.

Remember it. Don’t escape too early. Give a chance to this alchemical lab. All kinds of turmoils will be created, deliberately created. All kinds of doubts will be provoked, deliberately provoked. You will be given absurd orders to be fulfilled.

Don’t escape like Geet Govind. He has missed an opportunity. He may not come across such opportunity for many lives. It is still not too late; he can come. My doors are always open.

But one has to remember it: don’t come here to be supported in your ego and your expectations. Come here to die!

If you love me, I am going to kill you. And only when you are killed, one day, will you have the opportunity to kill me. And that day is the greatest day: when the master and disciple both are killed - then only that which is, is left. God is in the master, God is in the disciple.

When the disciple and the master have both disappeared, only God is left. And that is the goal of Sufism, and that is the goal of all religions, and that is the goal for which we are working here.

Enough for today.