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Chapter 12: From Italy to Nirvana

You must know the old story of Saint Daniel who was thrown into a den of lions because he refused to betray his faith. He came out of the den unharmed. It was thought to be a great miracle. But this recent discovery by the archaeologists says something else. It says, the tapes reveal, that at the precise moment when the lion was going to eat Daniel, Daniel quickly grabbed one of the lion’s ears and whispered into it, “Don’t eat me! Remember, after dinner come the speeches!”

So there was no hurry - only a speech was going to come after. Even if the microphone was not going to work, there was no harm at all. We would have sat, enjoyed, laughed and said good-bye to each other!

Learn to do nothing..

“What are you doing here?” asks one mouse to his friend.

“Nothing really, just sitting in the sun.”

“Ah!” says the first mouse. “I guess that’s what I am doing too!”

And that’s what all these orange people are here to do - nothing.

Prateek, you missed one opportunity. But next time, remember, imitation won’t do! Just because I am telling you, “Do nothing,” it won’t help - you have to be original. But once it is said and if you follow it, the microphone is not going to work at all. That opportunity is lost, at least for this life!

The second question:

The world seems to be getting more and more crazy from day to day. Nobody knows what is going on and everything is upside down and confused. This is what is told in the newspapers. Is it real? And if so, is there any intrinsic balance in life which is keeping everything stable?

The world is the same; it has always been the same - upside down, crazy, insane. In fact, only one thing new has happened in the world, and that is the awareness that we are crazy, that we are upside down, that something is basically wrong with us. And this is a great blessing - this awareness. Of course it is only a beginning, just the ABC of a long process, just a seed, but immensely pregnant.

The world was never so aware of its insane ways as it is today. It has always been the same. In three thousand years man has fought five thousand wars. Can you say this humanity is sane? One cannot remember a time in human history when people were not destroying each other either in the name of religion or in the name of God or even in the name of peace, humanity, universal brotherhood. Great words hiding ugly realities! Christians have been killing Mohammedans, Mohammedans have been killing Christians, Mohammedans have been killing Hindus, Hindus have been killing Mohammedans. Political ideologies, religious ideologies, philosophical ideologies are just facades for murder - to murder in a justified way.

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