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Chapter 8: I Treat Jesus as a Poet

The curtain opens. Many things are lying around. Rubbish - just as if somebody has left the house in a hurry. All sorts of things are jumbled, with no order. Just a disorder - rubbish. And from the background, a sigh is heard of a small child, just born. Then, after thirty seconds, the gasp of an old man who has died. This is all - but this is all life is. Thirty seconds: a sigh and a gasp. The first effort to inhale and the last effort to cling to the breathing. and everything is gone.

Life is short, not even thirty seconds. Use it. Use it as an opportunity to grow, use it as an opportunity to be, and don’t be worried about other things; that is all rubbish. Only this is true: the sigh and the gasp, and all else is just rubbish. Forget about it - what do you have to do about it?

You should not be concerned with whether the world has changed or not. The world is the same, it has to be the same. Only you can be different; the world will never be different. When you become aware, conscious, you transcend the world.

The fifth question:

What does Christ really mean when he says, “Come follow me”?

Exactly what he says: “Come follow me.”

The sixth question:

To follow Jesus a deep trust, surrender and love is needed, but today a deep skepticism is prevalent all over the world. What is the way?

This is from Swami Yoga Chinmaya. Think about yourself. Is deep skepticism within you? That is the question to be asked. “A deep skepticism is prevalent all over the world.” Who are you to be worried about the whole world? This is a way to escape the real problem. Skepticism is deep within, the worm of doubt is there in your heart, but you project it; you see it on the whole world’s screen.

Hmm? “The world is skeptical.what is the way out?” Now you are transferring the problem. Look within yourself. If there is doubt, then find it out. Then something can be done. The world won’t listen to you, and there is no need, because if they are happy in their skepticism they have the right to be happy in their skepticism. Who are you?