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Chapter 20: The Rebel Has No Path

Losing yourself, what are you going to gain? You will simply become a hypocrite. That’s why all so-called religious people are the worst hypocrites in the world; they are following either Jesus Christ or Gautam Buddha or Mahavira..

These people are not only hypocrites, these people are also cowards. They are not taking their own lives into their own hands, they are not being respectful of their own dignity. They are not trying to figure out, “Who am I?” They are simply trying to imitate somebody else. They can become good actors, but they can never become themselves.

And your acting - howsoever beautiful, howsoever correct - will always remain something superficial, just a layer of dust on you. Any situation can scratch it, and your reality will come out.

You cannot lose your uniqueness; that is your very being. And particularly the rebel.his very foundation, his very spirituality, his whole being is an assertion of his own uniqueness. It does not mean that he is asserting his ego, because he respects your uniqueness too.

People are neither equal nor are they unequal. Those philosophies are absolutely unpsychological, unfounded in scientific truth. The very idea of equality is absolutely baseless. How can you conceive unique human beings to be equal?

Yes, they should be given equal opportunity - but for what? For a very strange reason.they should be given equal opportunity to grow to be themselves. In other words, they should be given equal opportunity to be unequal, to be unique. And the variety of different flowers, of different colors, of different flavors, makes the world rich.

All the religions have tried to make the world poorer and poorer. Just think, today the population of the world is coming close to - perhaps by the end of this month it will be - five billion. Just think, five billion people like Mahavira, walking naked all over the earth. They will not even find food. Who is going to give it to them? Where are they going to beg?.because wherever they turn they will find another Mahavira, standing naked and hungry, asking for food.

It is good that people are not so stupid, that they have not followed all these people all the way. They said good-bye to them and said, “We will worship you, we will make temples for you, but forgive us; we cannot go that far. That is only for special people” - only for twenty-four people in the whole creation, out of which historians think twenty-one are absolutely bogus, they never happened. Only three are historical figures. But at that time the idea and the number of twenty-four had certainly become very strong.

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