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Chapter 9: The Individual Is Indivisible

And that third dimension brings bliss. Bliss is without any opposite to it. It is serene, tranquil, cool. It is ecstasy without any excitement.

And I cannot define what happiness is, because it depends on what kind of person you are. What is happiness to you may be unhappiness to your brother. What is unhappiness to you may be happiness to your neighbor.

Four women sat for hours under the hairdryers at the beauty parlor. After exhausting their gossip, they turned to philosophy. The first lady said, “Happiness is when my husband brings home his paycheck.”

The second lady stated, “Happiness is gambling in Las Vegas and winning.”

The third lady commented, “Happiness is vacationing without my husband or my children.”

The fourth lady concluded, “Happiness is eating without worrying about calories.”

Upon eavesdropping, one hairdresser whispered to the other, “Happiness is not having to listen to these cackling hens.”

It depends. Your happiness is your idiosyncrasy; it may be unhappiness to somebody else. It has no truth to it; it is only your dream. And you can have any dream you like. To somebody power is happiness; to somebody money is happiness; to somebody else money is misery - he escapes, renounces the money; he escapes from all power, goes to the jungle. To somebody, people are happiness, to somebody else, aloneness. It depends on you.

But I am not interested in happiness at all. Because basically it has to depend on its opposite, and anything that depends on its opposite keeps you divided. And to live divided is to live in hell.

I would like you to attain something which is not dependent on its opposite - in fact, which has no opposites to it. Bliss has no opposite to it. And to be blissful is to have arrived home - one becomes a Buddha: serene, calm, cool, quiet, and yet utterly blissful.

The last question:

In yesterday’s lecture, you said people are too serious, and the too-serious people are ill. I feel myself to be too serious. Around a group of people laughing and joking, a lot of the time I just sit there, not finding the situation very funny at all. It makes me feel out of it and uncomfortable. I am sick of my seriousness and would like to be able to let go more. Am I very ill?