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Chapter 1: The Enlightened Woman

I can abandon God, but I would not forsake my master.
God is not the equal of my master.

God has given me birth into this world.
My master has freed me from the cycle of birth and death.

God gave me the five thieves.
My master freed me from them when I was helpless.

God threw me into the net of the family.
My master cut away the chains of attachment.

God ensnared me in desire and disease.
My master has freed me from all this by initiating me.

God made me to wander in the illusion of doing.
My master showed me my being.

God hid himself from me.
My master gave me a lamp to illuminate him.

Above all, God created this duality of bondage and freedom.
My master destroyed all these illusions.

I offer myself, body, mind and soul at the feet of my master, Charandas.

I can abandon God, but I can never abandon my master.

This series of talks that I have called Showering without Clouds will be an entirely new journey. Up to now I have spoken on enlightened men; now for the first time, I will speak about an enlightened woman. It was easy to speak on enlightened men - I can understand them, we are of the same type. It will be a little difficult to speak on an enlightened woman. It is a slightly unfamiliar path.

In their innermost core men and women are one, but their expressions are very different. Their way of being, their way of looking at things, their way of thinking, their statements are not only different, but opposite. So far I have not spoken on any enlightened woman. But if you have some understanding of enlightened men, if you have had a little taste of enlightenment, perhaps it will now be easier for you to also understand an enlightened woman.

For example, a ray of sunlight is white but when it passes through a prism it splits into seven colors. Green is not red and red is not green - although both are formed by dividing the same ray. And ultimately they will meet and become one ray again. Before the division they were one, and again, after merging they will become one. But in between there is a big difference and the difference is very sweet. There is a great difference between them and this difference should not be destroyed. The distinction should always remain because in that very difference is the juice of life. Let red be red, let green be green. That’s why red flowers blossom on green trees. Green flowers on green trees would not look as beautiful; red flowers on red trees would not look like flowers.

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