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Chapter 8: Man Is Not Rational

You just watch: twenty persons are sitting, all male, and then suddenly a woman comes in - there is immediately a change of climate. Those twenty persons were feeling a little bored: all male, bound to feel bored - unless they are homosexuals. If they are healthy persons they are bound to feel bored. A woman enters and immediately the climate changes. You can see the change in the faces: they start smiling, they become more polite, they don’t use ugly words, they behave. Just a woman entering and everything changes. A subtle phenomenon happens inside: the entry of the woman becomes a deeper entry inside of them, of their inner woman - they become whole. For a moment they are parts no more. Look at twenty women sitting, chattering, chattering, and a man comes in - immediately a difference happens.

If there is one, the same quality continues; it becomes a boring process. Dialectics means movement through the opposite. Thesis, antithesis, synthesis: that is dialectics. One thing against another, then here is a challenge, a tension, and through that tension and challenge a third reality arises: synthesis. And the synthesis is always better; it goes on a higher plane.

Reason moves horizontally, dialectics moves vertically.

If you have no enemy, and if your life is such that you are not opposed to anything, you will lose all salt from your life. If you are not opposed to anything, you will be tasteless, you will be like a dead stone, not like a flower - because from the opposite comes movement, energy, challenge.then you grow. When a man meets a woman there is a dialectical process starting. That’s why love is so very beautiful and love is such a great growth situation. To be related to the other is to be constantly in a challenging situation. To be related to oneself only is a boredom - no opposite - unless you can find the opposite in your own inner being; then one can move alone.

That is the meaning: when a man becomes total within he doesn’t need a woman. When a woman becomes total within she doesn’t need a man. A moment comes when a Buddha moves alone, a Mahavira moves alone - then there is no need. Not that woman is bad, but now they have found their inner feminine part, now the dialectics has entered their own being - there is no need to create it outside. Now, inside, there is a continuous thesis, antithesis, synthesis. Now they grow alone - but they also use the same dialectics.

The whole life is dialectical. Logos is dialectical - and reason is a process of the same. You can think of it in terms like this: dialectics is heterosexual; reason, rationality, is homosexual. Rationality is homosexual. That’s why in the West homosexuality is growing, because the West has accepted Aristotle, reason. Heraclitus is heterosexual - he will include the opposite. If you listen to reason you will be homosexual. If you listen to reason then the whole quality that comes from the opposite, the tension, will be lost. And when it is lost life becomes a boredom. When it is lost life loses the zest, the enthusiasm, hope, possibilities. Everything is lost, because every possibility is opened by the opposite.

When for the first time you fall in love, you meet the opposite. Immediately, it is as if you have got wings, you can fly; poetry arises in your heart. What is happening? The opposite has created something in you. Silence alone is not very beautiful, sound alone is not very beautiful, but the meeting of sound and silence is very, very beautiful - that is music. The meeting of silence and sound is music.

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