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Chapter 20: Diogenes and the Dog

That’s what Lao Tzu says: Wu-wei - action through inaction. Then action and laziness are no longer opposite but complementaries. A real man will have both the capacities: he can act; he can be lazy, he can rest.

What ordinarily happens is that people become addicted, either to work or to laziness - and that is wrong. Don’t become addicted. Do, but don’t become a doer. And then even while doing things you will remain at rest, perfectly at rest.

Alexander on the circumference and Diogenes at the center: that is my definition of a total man.

Mulla Nasruddin once told me, “My uncle has the laziest rooster in the world.”

“How can you tell?” I asked him.

“At sunrise, he just waits until some other rooster crows, then he nods his head.”

Enough for today.