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Chapter 7: Life’s Complementariness

The first question:

You often advise us to follow two courses of action that seem to be incompatible with each other. First you tell us to be completely in the moment, without mind, to be our fear, our joy, or rage. Then you tell us to become detached from our egos, to watch what comes up within ourselves.
How can we do both? Please explain.

Logic is not necessarily existential; it is intellectual. But existence has no obligation. You see? Existence goes on its own way! It is not concerned with your question; it is not concerned with my answer. It is absolutely illogical.

Logic will see contradiction. If logic was all, then certainly there was difficulty. But logic is not all, just the way of the mind of looking at things. Mind divides into polar opposites; the division is not there in existence itself. Existence is undivided. The day and the night are one, birth and death are one, the plus and the minus are one, the positive and the negative are one. But logically they are incompatibles. Existentially a totally different dimension opens up: they are not contradictory to each other but complementary.

This word has to be pondered over, meditated upon. Life is complementariness! The opposite is not really opposite; it helps, it supports its own so-called opposite. Without birth there is no possibility of death, and without death there can be no birth either. It is one phenomenon, two sides of the same coin.

Yes, I say that first you should be in the moment, totally one with whatsoever is happening, utterly one - and then watch it. Certainly, if you only think about it, the problem will arise: how can one do both these incompatibles together? If you think then the problem is there, but if you do the problem disappears. Rather than thinking, try; give it a try.

How it happens is simple: if you are not identified totally with anything you cannot be disidentified with it totally either. If you are only half-heartedly in it you can only be half-heartedly out of it. You were never totally in it, how can you be totally out of it? You have to become utterly absorbed in it, and in that very moment you can slip out of it as totally as you had slipped in.

It is as simple as coming into the house and going out of the house. If somebody was just thinking philosophically, then that too will seem incompatible. How to go into the house and come out of the house? These are incompatibles - and you are doing a thousand and one incompatibles every moment.

It is the same breath that goes in and comes out, and you never for a single moment feel worried that something incompatible is happening. To be logical, either take the breath in and don’t allow it to go out - that will be logical - or if it is out then don’t allow it to come in.

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