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Chapter 25: Future Is Only a Word to Keep You Going

Witnessing is almost the finest fire you can find. Witness anything and that thing soon disappears. And don’t be afraid that beautiful spaces will disappear. You don’t know yet what is really waiting ahead of you - when beautiful spaces and depressive moments both have gone, when that duality is no longer there.

You are not aware of what is going to happen to you. It is so profound and so deep that those who have found it have remained silent. They will not say a single word about it. There is no word in any language to express it. All these words - “beautiful,” “blissful” - fall too short. And the greatest thing is that there is no duality, that you have come to a point which remains with you always; there is no opposite to it.

This is something to be remembered, that whenever you experience something of which there is no opposite, you have come home. While the opposite exists you will be torn apart continuously.

Between those two experiences you will be just a football - sometimes feeling happy, sometimes feeling miserable; but never knowing yourself, that there is something beyond both the beautiful and the depressive. That’s why it cannot be brought into words, because all words are dualistic; otherwise they won’t have any meaning.

This is the nature of language: you cannot have a word without having its opposite. If you don’t have the opposite, then the word won’t have any meaning.

If somebody asks you, “What is light?,” you can say, “That which is not darkness.” How do you define light? - by its opposite; otherwise you don’t have any definition. How do you define health? - just by saying that it is opposite to sickness. How do you define life? - by saying it is opposite to death. Without the opposite you cannot even have meaning for any word.

So just try to reach into a wordless space.

Begin from the beautiful space, because in those moments you are more full of energy, and it is possible to get out of it. When you are depressed, all your energy is so dull, so sad, that you cannot get out of it.

So use those beautiful moments just for a jumping board into the wordless, non-dual experience of your own being. Once you have succeeded in doing it from the beautiful space, you will be able to succeed in the depressive part also, because now you know the way, now you understand that those were not anything significant. You were simply getting identified with fictions.

Now you have touched reality - and reality is strength, power. And then slowly the other spaces will disappear and you will remain in this wordless experience without falling out of it.

You can call it true meditation, the authentic experience of life. It only looks difficult if you have not tried. Once you have tried, it is a very simple experience.

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