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Chapter 12: Balancing the Rational and the Irrational

So to me neither the East is the choice nor the West; they both have failed. The East has failed by choosing religion and the West is failing by choosing science. Unless we choose both, now there is no going out of this vicious circle.

We can change, we can change - and this is strange. If you talk about Buddhism in Japan no young one is ready to listen. They are after technology and the Western youth is after Zen Buddhism. In India, the newer generation is not in the least interested in religion. They are more interested in economics, more interested in politics, more interested in technology, engineering, science - everything except religion.

And the Western youth is not really interested in technology now. They are not interested in science, in progress. They are interested in living here and now. They are not interested in future utopias - socialism, etcetera - not interested. The avante-garde of the youth in the West is interested in religion; the avante-garde of the youth in the East is interested in science. And this is just changing the burden - and then again the same fallacy.

My interest is with the total mind. I am interested in the total mind - how a human mind is possible; a mind which is neither Eastern nor Western, but just human - a global mind. And this is a very difficult problem, because it is very easy to live with one part of the mind. You can live neatly, cleanly, mathematically. If you want to live with both parts of the mind, then you have to live a very inconsistent life. Inconsistent, of course, superficially, but on a deeper layer you have a consistency, a spiritual harmony.

And as I see it, a man remains poor spiritually unless he has the opposite polarity also. Then you become rich.

For example, if you are simply an artist and you have no scientific mind, your art is bound to be poor. It cannot have the richness, because the richness comes only with the opposite in it. Just like right now we have only males in this room - then the room lacks something. The moment females enter, the room becomes spiritually rich. Now the polar opposites are here, and the polar opposites make a greater whole.

So to me the mind must be able to move in a liquidity. It must not be fixed anywhere. A mathematician can be a rich mathematician if he can move into the worlds of art. These worlds are quite non-mathematical, even anti-mathematical. But if the mathematician can move, if his mind has a freedom to move from fixations, then back to mathematics, he will be a richer mathematician - because through the opposite, a cross-breeding happens, and through the opposite you begin to look at things in so many different dimensions, that the total perspective is bound to be richer.

So to me a person must have a religious mind with a scientific training, or a scientific mind with religious discipline. And I see no inherent impossibility in it. Rather on the contrary, I think the mind will become more alive if you can move. So to me, meditation means a deep movement: a freedom from fixations.

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