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Chapter 2: The Ultimate Nightmare

Love is not opposite to hate. If love is opposite to hate, in that love, hate will go on continuing, an undercurrent of hatred will go on flowing. The authentic love is not opposite to hate. The love of a buddha is not opposite to hate. It is simply absence of hate.

Compassion is not against anger. When anger disappears, compassion is. Compassion is not to be fought for; it is not against passion. When passion disappears, compassion is. Compassion is your nature.

Desirelessness is you. When all desires have gone and you are left alone, in that beautiful aloneness - pure aloneness, crystal-clear aloneness - there is desirelessness. Not even a trace of desire.no goal, nowhere to go. Then for the first time you live what life is, for the first time your song bursts, spreads all over the existence. For the first time you become capable of celebrating.

This is called enlightenment, nirvana. Nirvana can never be a goal. When you don’t have any goal, nirvana comes to you. You never go towards nirvana. When you are not going anywhere, it comes to you. Or, if you want to use the language of bhaktas and devotees, you can use the word godliness.

You are not to go towards godliness. One can never go towards it. Where will you go? Either it is nowhere or it is everywhere. Where will you go?

You cannot make an object of godliness. You cannot make an arrow of your desire moving towards the target of the divine. Either it is everywhere - so you cannot make a target; or it is nowhere - then too you cannot make a target.

Nobody has ever reached to it. When you stop all reaching, when you drop the whole nonsense of achievement, suddenly godliness comes to you. And when it comes, it comes from everywhere, from all directions. It simply enters in you from every pore of your being. You never reach to it; it always comes to you.

When people come to me, and they say that they are in search of the divine, I say, “Please, don’t make that effort. You are on a futile journey. You simply rest, relax, wait, and allow it to come to you. Your very search will create a barrier.”

A searching mind is a tense mind. A seeking mind is not at rest. A desiring mind is not at home.always wandering, wandering, going somewhere. If I come to you, do you think I will find you there? You may be somewhere else. You are always somewhere else. Wherever you seem to be, you are not there. If you are sitting in the temple, your appearance only is in the temple. You may be in the market. You may be in the shop or in the factory or in the office. When you are sitting in your office or in your shop, only your appearance is there - you appear to be there. Your mind may be anywhere - the world is vast.

You are never where you are. Just be there. Wherever you are, be there. This is the door to the divine and the divine enters in you.

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